Our Locations

Fossil Energy Canada is currently supplying our services to the North American and South American markets.
We are able to provide our services through North American Industry Codes such as ASME, ASTM, NEC, CEC, CSA, NFPA etc.
We will also review and adopt regional, provincial, county and local codes to insure that what we engineer, supply, fabricate and construct, meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for safe and reliable operations.


Fossil Energy Canada is very active in our home country, and we are currently engaged with a number of companies moving forward with LNG production within Northern British Columbia. We are able to offer our clients cost effective LNG solutions for their operations.

We are continuously looking at operational opportunities as well as partnerships throughout Canada.

Our office is located at 1805 – 8th Street, Nisku, Alberta,

United States

Fossil Energy Canada is looking at opportunities in the United States.

Our office located in Houston Texas has been continuously meeting with our potential LNG clients.


Fossil Energy Canada has offices in Beijing and Jingjiang China. Our Beijing office is located in the central business development district (CBD Area) of Chaoyang, Beijing. This office is located on the 15th Floor of Yintai Center, and manages supply chain as well as business development for our Asia – Pacific Market.

Our Jingjiang China office is where we coordinate with our partner company RefLiq and the Chinese Academy of Science. Our fabrication facilities in Jingjiang China, are located in close proximities to the Yangtze river and Shanghai ports. This facility has a fabrication capacity of over 150,000 square feet with 1 – 15 ton and 2 – 35 ton overhead cranes.

The facility has full capabilities of production of any type or size of modularized equipment for the oil and gas industry, keeping our clients projects on time and very cost effective.