Our Services

Fossil Energy Canada prides itself in self executing all our projects and has the ability to support all of your LNG operational needs.


Fossil Energy Canada is an LNG operating company providing LNG solutions to clients with the latest innovative environmental friendly technologies available today. Our client base includes remote power generation, mining, transportation, drilling and the oil and gas industry. With our latest technology for LNG production we can provide the most efficient, cost effective energy alternative that exceeds world class safety and environmental performance standards.

Full EPCM Project Execution for Our Clients

Fossil Energy Canada together with our shareholding partners RefLiq China, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). Fossil Energy Canada’s research and development team is backed our shareholding partners with the cryogenic and refrigeration engineering research center of physics and chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). By gathering experts, engineers and technicians at home and abroad in refrigeration and the cryogenic industry, we are able to continuously improve and enhance our patented gas liquefaction and purification technologies.

Our turnkey project execution includes Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction of scalable LNG facilities. Our turnkey modularized LNG facilities start with micro-plants at a capacity of 5,000 GPD for stranded gas and pipeline gas resources up to large scale plants in excess of 500,000 GPD that meet all local North American manufacturing, assembly and construction design code and regulatory requirements.

We are also currently working towards a new technology flare capture process package that will start at a micro scale at 2,000 GPD. Please send us an inquiry for further details if there is an opportunity that you would like to explore.

Our Partner Links:

Chinese Academy of Science, http://english.cas.cn
RefLiq, http://www.refliq.com

Commissioning and Startup

Fossil Energy Canada provides commissioning and startup services for all of our installed LNG plants and equipment. We have an assembled team of highly trained technical support personnel consisting of engineers, construction management personnel and field trades. We commission the LNG plant based on identified systems and work with the client operations group to achieve a safe and reliable start-up.


Fossil Energy Canada provides maintenance to all our LNG customers as well as our own operating facilities. We maintain and inventory of maintenance spare parts and equipment to support our clients operations 24/7 with minimal interruptions and down time. We plan and execute our turnarounds and outages to decrease the down time of the operations facility. We are able to provide services for day to day maintenance, preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance. Fossil Energy Canada is your long term maintenance provider.