What We Offer

LNG is making an impact as a mainstream energy resource, and it will continue to grow in the years to come.
Currently re-shaping the transportation and mining sectors, LNG has made significant inroads as a fuel of choice for many companies. LNG has the ability to influence how we change the way we live our lives especially in a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly world.

Environmental Sustainability

As countries are looking for a viable eco-friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels such as coal, diesel and gasoline, LNG will make a significant impact in reducing greenhouse gases.

Our LNG plants are portable and compact, and have a small foot print. We are able to install our LNG plants in a variety of environments based on our client’s needs. Our LNG plants are self-sustaining, using a portion of our feed gas to run the plant as well as to convert the gas to LNG. Clients now have an alternative solution that is environmentally friendly and accessible.


Fossil Energy Canada is partnered with Chinese based RefLiq (Jiangsu Refrigeration and Liquefaction Equipment Co., Ltd) to bring this technology to Canada, North America and the rest of the World. Fossil Energy Canada Ltd. has the exclusivity in installing our patented LNG product in Canada and abroad, and we support our installation, through Fossil EPC Ltd, our engineering, procurement, construction and management company.

Fossil Energy Canada and RefLiq in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Science has 8 patents for cryogenic applications. The patented gas liquefaction and purification technology can be widely applied in conventional and unconventional gases such as natural gas, coal bed gas, and others like partial natural gas, oil-associated gas, biomass gas, offshore natural gas and chemical exhaust, and makes great contributions to saving energy, reducing emissions and optimizing energy structure. As of 2015, RefLiq together with CAS has successfully installed 12 mini LNG plants in China.